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Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of candidates worldwide that enables us to reach out, search and select the best candidates for our clients.
We have identified countries and regions with farming practices similar to Western Canada and so far our main source countries for candidates are Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia and Mexico.
Some of our candidates have experience doing custom harvesting in the United States or working on ranches in Australia.
We are looking for candidates that not only have the right skills – we look for those that are ambitious and want to use their skills and they want to be part of building your farm and your community.


By employment duration


3-8 months

This is an ideal fit for your human resource requirement is for a shorter term placement, particularly for grain farms due to the nature of the job or for hiring low-skilled farm help. The employer needs to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the federal government prior to hiring a foreign worker.


2 years with renewal options

This placement will have a candidate working on the farm full-time for up to two years under the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW) with a possibility of renewal. The employer is required to obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the federal government.


2+ years long-term placement

This is a placement through Provincial Immigrant Nominee Programs (PNPs)  that allows a worker to stay permanently and apply for permanent residency in Canada.  This option is preferred when the employer has established that they want to keep their employee long term, or a transitioning route from a temporary placement to a permanent one.


By skills level


less than 2 years’ experience

Typically, these candidates have less than 2 years of experience working in a large farm and operating farm machinery. They either grew up on a farm, have European farming experience on smaller farms and or have an agricultural degree. Although they lack some of the large farm experience, they are still great workers who are eager to learn. If you know you have the patience in training these workers for exactly what you need, this could be a great fit. We have had some great success with these workers who have matured in their intern positions and moved into positions as experienced general farm workers.


2+ years of experience

These workers generally have at least 2+ years of experience working on a farm. In some cases, this experience has been gained internationally and in others the experience has been in their home country. They have experience working on large farms and with large farm machinery. Their experience level ranges from basic to more advanced, and many candidates will have a range of mechanical skills. The majority of this type of candidates either grew up on a farm or have acquired postsecondary education in agriculture. In all cases, they will exhibit a strong desire to utilize their existing experience in a practical and productive work environment.


5+ years of experience

These workers are considered “higher” skilled workers who have either owned their own family farm, graduated from an agriculture university and/or worked on a farm as a supervisor or manager. They tend to have 5–7+ years of experience. If you employ seasonal general farm workers or farm help that requires supervision or training, this type of candidate is the ideal fit. Freeing your time and expertise to allow you to focus on strategic growth plans is a key ingredient to the long-term success of your operation.

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